The World

2014-04-27_04_24_43-joel_roderick_bissonby Joel Roderick Bisson15 Oct 2015

Someday I'll give you my world
And all the things will be yours
The stars say that you'll be mine
I know it's true I've seen signs
And for your hand in marriage I pine
For your everlasting warmth from your
Heart of Gold with your Words of Silver
Will Be Mine Forever More and After
The days of yesteryears I've come to see
That you were always the Woman for Me
And That You Are The Best Thing In My Life
That Someday I Hope You'll Be My Wife
I Seen the Signs from Starlit Nights
With the shine of those City Lights
Which Lead The Way To Your Forgiving Heart
I Know when We're One, We'd Never Part
I Know That You've Always Loved Me
I Believe In Us And I Want Us To Be Happy
For I've Become More Of The Man I Need To Be
I Want The Days I've Spent Dreaming The Years
That Some Dreams Were Meant To Come True
And All This Time I Was Dreaming Of You
So I Ask You This That At The End Of The Day
I Hope You'll Think Of Me And Just Smile.