2014-04-27_04_24_43-joel_roderick_bissonby Joel Roderick Bisson15 Oct 2015

Dreams are natural and they are sights
With the dreams I dream of wrongs to rights
The chase is not better than it's end
And that time is not always so precious
But I dream my time of nights thinking
Dreaming away the days that I could've
Done something right by doing some act
Something I've said or something I dream
The dreams are precious and time spent
Things seem to see as they could've been
If there was a chance then I should've
Could've but missed it while I watched
Time slip away into the nights I've spent
I want to be a better Man for You, Us, Me
I know things could be the greatest thing
This world has ever seen since forever
I know that time plays tricks on me
But what if this time we got it right
I've said it before you are my light
My sun and everyday is all for you
There it's anything I want than to day I do
But I'll only know when the time is right
Time isn't my bestest of friends to me
I seem to miss the times when I could've
Made the moments count which does matter
And all the things leading up to now
Are the signs that one day I'll be Yours
That day I hope is somewhere dawning
As the days where you're missing from
My life seem to have an effect on me
My writing is yours and always has been
And your everything most dear to my heart
And if we shall part our ways as have
Then I hope you'll think of me sometime
And think to give me that second chance
I know that if you do that our romance
Would be the most beautiful thing seen
This is a poem for you, you have my heart
And the nights I spend dreaming of Us
Are the moments most precious to Me.