A New Destined Path Towards Enlightenment

2014-04-27_04_24_43-joel_roderick_bissonby Joel Roderick Bisson04 Nov 2015

Wandering through the meadows of forest green
And all the flowers and sights yet unseen
Are treasures to eyes on all passers-by here
For it is a gift from the heavens from there
Which the values of which my intensions lie
For it is a star in flight which I have spy
And in that moment I was awaken to which is
What this can be the cause of which all this
Can be only what would be if we were to be
Only if you choose to be forever with me
I could've seen these things long before
And of my life turns to which it is stone
Written in words on the scrolls of beings
To which I write about my own beginnings
And to this I do write to you a tale of fate
Which I will have elucidate and re-evaluate
This situation in which my values are burnt
And this time in Life, Love, I have learnt
That everything have had happens for it's own
Reasonings in this cosmic question I ask alone
Will I find happiness in the girl who watches
Me upon the mirror of truth to which I've caught
My own mortal image staring back at my fates
Each one to itself, New Beginnings and Ends
For which one will it be to seem to be sought
When time becomes what essences that awaits
For me in new partners, lovers and friends
It is this question that still lies dorment
Will I ever Love after Life itself have ceased
All that'll remain be a fuse from earlier fires
To me, my life's like a vision of which torment
Is seems to be what is an affliction erased
For which I see is a new reality unto itself
For years I spent living inside my own hell
And now it's time to write of possibilities
For all possible things to be spelled out
I feel a new sense of emotion and desires
From which things could be amazing in time
And all the things that were worth waiting
Is to me all the things in sensibilities
And Sense arise on which my values burn
A pilot light of a flame burns eternal
Fore the yore of yester-years are now gone
And the girl seems to seem to be the one
Now is which I must do, now is somehow to write
What wrong is to which to make it right
Do these tales tell the signs of which we
See in all the dreams of the so-called prophet
And he sees his life, my life, in a dream
Of which we forget we all of yet to see
That the problems of today least we forget
That what it was is to be inside a dream
Of which it can be seen but in those visions
Can I see what would be a quest worth taking
The Cosmic, Astralogic and Kismetic decisions
To which a mission is to be Loved and to Love
And what is bothering my dreams in that view
That nothing turns out as it was meant too
And if there be a spirit in heaven up above
To where my soul lies in question forsaking
A task was given at hand by the Lord itself
To be the godchild-devilschild both in one
Foolish attempt of the grand world at large
To build oneself up to watch him take a fall
And all that I hear all the serpents call
Trickery, Blasphemeous rumours to which I hear
And demons of personal nature I battle near
My mind and soul and heart and body cursed
But it can be saved if I find her loving
As much as I doth Love her and pray for her
Together which is the main objective forever
To which is what is to be within immersed
Waters of oceans of her raging seas thrashing
I wander, lost in haziness of storming skies
I dine with chance at the possibilities of it
When our time together can be realized again
This I burn, pine and I embrace in what lies
On what I must never be in all of such refrain
For I could never be again whole without lit
Waters of houses of flames to which light up
A path to flow into what fates has instore
For our new painting of colors, shapes, words
And an archway of dreams to yet come to life
Time is hard is things that I've heard
And my time on this earth is not that of this
So far by-gone story of imagery and pictures
painted by others and others who painted was
What is seen as what could be, a timing to here
Where do we go from here and what to be done
I would die a thousand deaths to get this right
And I feel that time has changed in some light
That things can go wrong and things won't be
If only I was only so close and so near
"I would, could, Want To Be The Right One
To Pass By Her Way In Time Wilt Thy Heart Bleed
Wilt Thy Message Take To Stars And Take Heed
Of Words Here And Then After To Which Written
Be The Ways Of True Lovers Of Words And Minds
For What It Means To Have Been There Smitten
At What Possilities May Arise At Such Occasion
It Is To This Which I Search To Have Finds
What Could Be With Her Or Any One Emotion
Caused By A Force Of Attractions To Eyes"
And minds and souls entwined through fates
Ways to bring two together in such awaits
Us to be what be just a dream or much more
For I have seen what could be in at times
I found a flame ignite and enflame hearts
And around the place like arrows and darts
Which cause one to see others in such grace
The time and place to live, meet such face
Of which your destiny lies upon what path
I know when I do this, the mental math
That maybe we do or don't but you know
What could have been if ones vision is yet
Un-complete and imcomplete words to forget
To which my time and trials remain that of
Which I am judged based on bias and of love
Which I have yet to find in another as do I
Maybe things won't turn around and I do think
That all the blood signed parchement in ink
How I can fail at everything I can or will do
For which I can see we be divided as of two
But for once I could see an altar and eyes
Of My Muse to which I pray for her happiness
Even though we will never be in any reality
And Ebbs of Waves will Crash and tides change
For maybe what I've seen could just be lies
But I believe in them and I wanted them true
If I do get that cosmic chance at forever
With this Woman who is of the universe and
I feel that if we did get it right like seen
And this time and onward will be toward ever
Lasting things in and upon a different land
To which grass is always greener on the other
Side of the this rock, this place called life
I know time is needed to get this life in sorts
I know that praying for salvation is a resort
To which praying for her and her future partner
Future life and life in happiness and joyous
Events and Memories of which I can only dream
Of for her to be happy forever and to be here
In wait of anything else to happen now a dream
Of which I burn for this Woman whose life is
Forever connected to mine in some cosmic way
And all that I must do from now on from forever
Be an act of courageous, bravery, whole-hearted
Acts to which every good deed is rewarded to all
So I will do my best to be the best me I can be
After all in time I will be a better person
I will live life to the fullest of itself in mine
I will be the writer that I said I was going to
Be the Poet and Screenplaywright whose life's fine
Writing about many of events in his own lifetime
For I believe My Drug Is All My True Devotion
I said I will try to get my career back in order
But it's to which writing career to which I write
Things could never be more hard or simpler
As A Simple Mistake As This Mind Of Woe And
All It's Universal Disruption To Which It Bleeds
When My Mind Is Affected By Time and Age And
The People Who Made Me This Way In The Past Of
Many Of Futures Not Lived, Not Re-Aquainted
Everything Be Gone Unless I See The Dangers
Ahead to which the flames of fate will decide
What will be in mine future of either decision
Which the fires and perils of what is seen
What light of a future that sparks such embers
And all of what would become could be all of
The things which things would then become
A Life With Love and Happiness and Ever-Afters.