All Signs Have Appeared

2014-04-27_04_24_43-joel_roderick_bissonby Joel Roderick Bisson04 Nov 2015

In all the years spent and turnt to ashen,
I traveled through the misty astralogical,
Visions plains to which led me mistaken,
To which I am now from which was magical,
A quest for serendipity and honesty in it,
The angels weep when we are together then,
So I write these letters to which defeceit,
Of my emotions will determine to what than,
Will be my future will through fate' hand,
I will become what people have pressured,
I'm to become a poet, writer with artistic,
Hands to build a future upon which measured,
The tides of waves in her sailing oceans,
To call me from land out to sea on board,
To which I explain this metaphor for logic,
A story or dream to which be known abroad,
All the feelings inside for each emotions
One felt then and now is when it must be,
The time for me to embrace my destiny,
As a writer of fiction/poetry/non-fiction,
A blessing for my songs of old reaction,
To her I plead my heart and soul to only,
Her name, her dignity, her self-worth,
I will die in her name in all my loyalty,
And in that time I will return to earth,
I will lie arest but not forgotten like,
These words which in time will strike,
Imaginations and minds-alike to here is,
A Poem to be remember in all minds this,
"There once was a story about a real life,
Anti-hero, Poet and True Genius in strife,
For time was not his tru'st of friends."
A Time for this writing to come to it ends.