In This Stage, You're Mine

2014-04-27_04_24_43-joel_roderick_bissonby Joel Roderick Bisson04 Nov 2015

The show is a show of life, love and happiness
All of which I lack for your hand is unto
Another day and hopes to fade into darkness
Which with it, I can't go back there too
To Fires of life's desires unlike any other
To breath in the same air we both breath
To feel the same joys you in one another
Is to grasp the chains of fate's chances
On this day in a time not a place we were
Once upon a year married and in romances
To which this world has not seen such are
The passions and embrace in each souls
For when you speak to me I feel it burn in me
The fires lit in your eyes to which I see
And you've shown me visions of pure gold
And from what you've shown I am sold
For which I am only what you make of us here
Nothing can change the way you make me
Feelings of emotions once felt in years past
Long is the wait for a sign to be free
And I feel so close and far but so, so near
I just want to make this feeling last
That in the end you'll be there with me now
There some year in some time and place
Someday we'll pass each other by then I know
That in some space and time and place
We'll be able to breath - Just breath with
Out the lies of the on-coming crowds
I will just give myself to you forever 'til
You want me to go or be there with you
Then I can be someone whose intentions real
For which there was nothing to conceal
And all this time you wanted to have said
For which you'll read this now again