Seer A Fate Unto Me

2014-04-27_04_24_43-joel_roderick_bissonby Joel Roderick Bisson04 Nov 2015

So time when the leaves die young
And the sun dies too also lie
Awake in the wake of those among
And the tide of current' sky
I too have seen the ignorance of
Men and Women in the curse
Of God's own will be in name of
The Christ and his rebirth.

Zodiacal and Astralogical Signs
Of which say this is not
What is unto me for you to see
The signs of what is naught
And the future of man is now
In the wake of an awakening
To which this is all I know
Man must become his own
Savior in the ending.

So the time is near with christmas
Cheers of people around us all
With which my times be hopeless
On this future vision, fall
I seen what it could be in time
But I would rather be surprise
For what lies in the Woman of mine
Be a gift regardless of all this.