The Child's Dreams (Of Future Lovers)

2014-04-27_04_24_43-joel_roderick_bissonby Joel Roderick Bisson05 Nov 2015

Here lies the unknown child who lies at rest,
It's a decade two later and the child is now,
A man who believes his existence is flawed,
And that with Romantic Desires at fallen-acrest,

With all of the known signs and sights I know,
I seen a vision of this very life then happy,
Now nothing is ever flawed and nothing can be,
In time's asounding fated dreams of destiny,

To which what I saw and seen then is not flawed,
And I can rest to sure that things were meant,
To be the way they always said it was dreamt,
Two souls entwined and conjoined and free,

I seen this like this dream of visions of seas,
A Vision of things unseen and a myriad of ages,
For what could be is a future of our harmony,
And it may be written in our lives pages.

To which I will be one with another human being,
Unified and bound in a loving embrace forever,
Together is the word that means throughout,
Thick, Thin and All In-between the cracks sever,
The ties to all the past glories and awards,
I live for this in believing in what I'm seeing,
To be a Man who can be a Prince Charming out,
Of Time in the right Place to win over A Woman.

I went years searching for answers as early,
As a baby's age to which I was seaching for,
A cure to all my ailments and the counterpart,
To which I will be carrying the torch before,
All this will go up in flames and up in smoke,
Now the line between me and the world broke,
And all the words will flow from the heart,
Now is to the only word serendipity, destiny.