The Years Ahead

2014-04-27_04_24_43-joel_roderick_bissonby Joel Roderick Bisson05 Nov 2015

Heighten at the thought of forever with her,
And now that I feel that I might I am,
Happy is the days of yonder and yore is ever,
Gone by in the streams of dreams I am,
Weight of the subject herein there upon now,
Is when the seer-seeing sights that I am,
Visions of a future unseen, seen, dreamt up,
To now which will be there-fore I am.

Destiny, Serendipity, Forever, Ever-Afters,
Things I've longed, pined, yearned for,
It takes a Great Man to yearn for a Woman,
Especially one who in turn maybe strangers,
Maybe in Passing, in Dreaming, in Reality,
Could I be one with my Dream Lover Wife,
I will try to write this tale in which I have,
In Mind, In Eyesight of which could be life,
Or a vision of my own life in future fire.

I dreamt of a thousand suns with a star in her,
Name, In her Honour, Her Liveliness set into,
Stone written walls of halls of church of lovers,
Written unto their fates a tale hither-to,
The reality to which I stand, naked and alone,
I am fore a man who believes his endings,
Be one life and one reality to which I doth lie,
To watch, To Write, To Paint New Beginnings,
So I write to you that only I doth write and tell,
What sights upon a southern bell do I spell,
A Tale, A Story and Written Lit, Stage Plays To,
A Cause still un-foreseen future in this time,
I burn it all away for you and for you I burn,
I need never wish again for what I've seen.