Trapped In Time

2014-04-27_04_24_43-joel_roderick_bissonby Joel Roderick Bisson05 Nov 2015

In Romantic Setting this tale will tell
All to which is a story of two souls
Tied together on an astralogical scale
To which I would give my life for this
In the distance I hear the wedding bell
For it's not my living but dreaming tale
From which to aim but never doth miss
The point of which was trying to console
Is to be this poet, author of stories
Yet untold are the beginnings of this
And all it's former so-called glories
For which I have come to find that in
The sea of visions and dreams which led
Me to believe in make-belief and signs
Of which I would always and must give in
To which has made it this far in reign
The fires of fated winter sorrow' kiss
For it is my heart on the line has bled
The waters of our riverstreams a creek
To which the water flows into serene
And all I've had to had have a look
Took me back to a place when then been
In a dream, A place to which I build
A future upon sands of time and glass
Fore what is now shall come to pass
And all that might be, might not be
And I might never leave and be free.