2014-04-27_04_24_43-joel_roderick_bissonby Joel Roderick Bisson05 Nov 2015

Yours is a burning flame to which I admire
Mine's to burn for it in every single desire
I want to give you a life worth living for
But it is a long road to redemption before
The tiding sets in and the roaring thunders
Grasp us in the storms collapse on us under
The rain from which flows from mine eyes
For which I am never but satisfied with lies
Which is all I see in the reality of things
With all the truths in that time beginnings
Now all is a cover-up and a conspiracy to me
For I'll never be free of my televised dream
I'll just burn in a city to which is made of
Glass, Lights, Cameras and of course real life
To which I am the center of all the masses if
I was to be at that place with a brand new wife
To call my own I would be forever completed
For it is Times which have brought this gift
A sight beyond the stars and realms of reality
So be to call it a vision of my own destiny
I feel that a new path must be followed in of
A life for which it means to pine for someone
Someone, A Woman, A Beauty Queen, A Kind Lady
I yearn for the chance on which saying my words
Wilt be thou great'st achiev'ment in all lit
A prose work, book, novel, dramatization of
Which seems to be a tale unto itself a story
A Masterpiece of which a play, a tragedy turn
Comedy, An Epic Tale of Love, Passion and Faith
For what happens in life will be what is in death
Rememberance of what was or became of my legacy
For this I will perish, if not totally burn
In the words written are that of heart and for
The years spent before now which breaking tales
Of hearts frozen in time to which it shows
What has happen in a time now lost then before
The time in the now I would've died to try
And there no reasons for what I'll be on trial
So forth that I now live with eternal denial
For what was could not show itself to me as was
What the olde-tymers called a vision of eyes
Well seeing into the fate of oneself and lies
Of people ahead for which should've been avoided
Now all the souls are watching me inside a room
Which there is not a single soul other than me
And I feel an impending sort of fated doom
To which I will fail if I don't try now here
I must be the writer and person I said I wanted
Now avoiding any traps that may fall unto me
And there is where there was a fire to burn
That of which cannot be put out so easily done
Just a chance and a change of lifestyle there
So here's to hoping what comes next isn't wrong
To find the place and Woman to which I belong
I will see what lies ahead of this eternal strife
And there maybe a promise of a better life
For which I burn for a Woman of my eyes vision
Of emotions runs into riverstreams of oceans
The pyres of fate burning a light to which blaze
The flames burn of all the rest of our days
To This I Will Pray For, Yearn For Yearning
Forever For This Life After All The Aftermath
Of A Life That's Been In The Grasp Of Energies
God, Angels, Light, A Force not of this earth
To which I pray for your happiness in realities
Not in reality currently, truly I Love You For
All That You Shown That You Are And I Am Therefore
I will compose, paint, write, build a future
Is it so hard for me to see what could possibly
Be if you and me were one together, maybe not
But I know that building this dream takes time
And if this be my destiny than it's serendipity.