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A Poem about a young Woman I've become very fond of from the moment she came up to me and said we should be friends, I burn for her now, My Angel of Sad Wings.

To My Dear'st Miss Balint-szpak

2014-04-27_04_24_43-joel_roderick_bissonby Joel Roderick Bisson25 Nov 2015

I know you...with,
that look, in your eyes
that moment our eyes met,
It was fate, kismet,
and that I avoid this flame there,
With you in your beautiful brown eyes,
so heavenly to me when you stare,
Into mine such grace and kindness,
I wanted you from that moment on,
It has kept me burning strong,
Strong of Emotion, Loyalty, Admiration,
The fires of a burning candle flame,
Ignites in your eyes when you smile,
I wonder if you ever felt the same,
I know that if you mine even awhile,
You - Would become my savior of a soul,
Write this to you is not my only goal,
Is to let you know what I have for you,
You were to me - Firelight of stars,
Like a dying sun you burn my heart,
I want to dedicate this - my life,
My writing - To You, the Angel,
I've known you...there - waiting,
I wanted to run to you, embrace you,
True would be the intention reclaim,
I burnt strong the desireful flame,
As I burn - Burn for you - only you,
To me you are quite angelical when,
On the day, in time and place wanted,
To meet, You said we should be friends,
I never had such a connection come alive,
I need you to be on the level I burn,
And to this notion for you I will yearn,
When are you going to be here - with me,
With my passionate sweet embrace for us,
I want you to be happy but I want to,
Make you the happiest of women here now,
You...You...Were like a God-Sent Angel,
When all was dark....darker still here,
And now I drown on your sea of ecstasy,
Your rivers of flowing fires of you,
You are a light to me, Shine On Me,
Cast your heart on flames to me then,
Now I write you...for you is a searing
Tale of Lovers embrace in this of ages,
I will write this for you in many pages,
I owe you this and so much more I wished,
I find that the time is right to set free,
All pasts and learn to see dreams finished,
If I can have a chance at forever is you,
You...I will love, cherish as the old perish
The dreams of the past to lite new destinations.