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These words encompass my Love for the Girl from my childhood, my Mother's highschool friend's Daughter Krystin, Who ended up living down the street later in Life, I never knew it then but she might have well been the Love of my Life.


2014-04-27_04_24_43-joel_roderick_bissonby Joel Roderick Bisson25 Mar 2014

If time has a way
Of showing us a glimpse
A glimpse of what Love
Could bring us our way
Then I wish I have had
Second sight before
Now I want you more
In these times a myriad
Of visions and dreams
For you simply are mine
And for this Life I pine
As Love flows in streams
That gives me dreams of
A story yet to be told
For my eyes are sold
And all I have is my Love
For the stars up above
Fills me full of hope
Hopes that some day
And that in some way
I will learn how to cope
With losing you forever.