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A personal response to the Great British Bake Off craze in a time of austerity & food poverty.

In The Wake of the Bake

Earearby ojo02 Nov 2013

Have the 9.1 million forgotten the Dream

Blinded by cardamom-infused buttercream?

The cupcake cacophony of fragrant femmes with nothing to say

And the middleclass mouths mute with their ben-yay-soo-flay.

Bound in bunting, seduced by the fetish now on air

This perpetual village fete is giving me the Gaviscon glare.

And pastel processors drown out the kids who’ve had nowt to eat

Whilst they dutifully follow the recipe penned by the elite.

An austerity antidote, a traybake to sweeten the shit we’re in

And avoid the eyes of the girl on the news whose bones poked fun at her skin.

Lets frost over the food banks & the hunger pains,

Drizzle contempt at the Basics with tinned soup for their mains,

Cos they can’t manage their pennies, let alone their A,B,C,D & K,

That’s what these Coalition Nasties now say.

PING! Time up. This is Baking Bad.

And my peaks have stiffened. Yes I am pissed.

I see Cochineal, the Red Velvet of the socialist!

You’re overdone Cameron, an unpleasing, dry bake,

How do you like the signature Ladyfinger that I make?

So forget disappointing Mary or upsetting bad boy Paul

What we need is a Great British WAKE UP call!

So as Brand skewers Auntie in a Paxo delight

Send back what’s being served up & UNITE!