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Dedicated to Beau


Earearby ojo03 Nov 2013

The way you peel eggs
Creeps up behind my breath & pauses morning.
Rejecting yolk,abandoning it to crumb,
Unequivocal in your hand the anchor of albus is made undone.
In isolation, unflinching & contained on blue,
Membrane swollen in hold like pregnant skin
Enveloping all possibilities,
Eye & ear alert to boundary
Like bubble waiting for
I drink at the bar with wonder & worry,
What you may birth through hurt skin,
When, under Tom's grapefruit moon
I will offer bloom
To protect all that you are & will be.
Egg on blue,
That with all will you never were in me,
But the egg,
All I offer you in love
After birthing you at nearly two.