Earearby ojo08 Nov 2013

We share nothing but bath water,
Other times
We are all Jammy Dodger hearts.

From time to time
It's writing a love letter with the novelty worn off,
Your message in a bottle washes up on my shore.

Every now & then
I can't levitate you from your screen,
It's only you & me on the transcendental jet stream.

We speak under the weight of a bottomless sea,
We chime like Orbital for under a pound.

It's not the break-up-make-up script of vulnerable hearts,
But the longer undulating ride that rocks you car queasy
When you need a loo stop to get out & breathe.
But it's not fresh air you drink,
But a lung full of overpriced, cheap, quick-fix stink.

It's peaks and troughs with the spikes trimmed off.
An electrocardiograhic Viennese waltz,
A steady, familiar pulse.

But now. & then
I'll be tapped on the shoulder by your smell from way back when.
And from time to time
I'll catch the eye of the guy who makes it all pay attention & flirt.
And then once in a while
It's like being with grandad.

But I'm guessing that
Most of the time,
You feel the same.