'IT' Couldn't Be More Natural, Thanks

Earearby ojo21 Nov 2013

For all the fucked up reasons that you found my cradle,
Just a rookie on standby who’d filled in a form & bent to boxes & hula-d their hoops,
I bow to the Dao, as you sleep in my curve, right here, right now.

Arms with palms open ready to receive, your heart protector sighs at ease,
Heartbreaker eyelashes pulse like butterfly wings drinking in sun.
Skin translucent in truth, you sleep the scan we never had.

My arms are missing rings from when they could have held you as light burnt the horror away,
Letting you breath my skin rather than the institutional armpit you found yourself in.
Lost in a hospital bed too big, too metal, too still, too wrong to cradle.

Just look at you now and this, ALL YOU.
Arms raised high to hold the sky, legs planted firm to root,
You placed your cross here & announced your intention, incandescent.

And I want to climb on top of monkey bars and shout them all
To turn from their parental chess & checking out,
To turn & know your will has made remarkable, despite what you should never have known.
The pea in the lung that sprouts against dark & the ground it should never have found.

And your grace pulls tears to my cheek.
You don’t ask for more than huggles, food and love, love, love.
And I fall through rainbows when you speak those three letters,
Ice maiden melts with your biscuity smell & slight of hand that strokes your name onto each heartbeat.

To all those who mouthed with silent lips, A-DOP-TION
And to you who said WHY? WHAT ON EARTH FOR?
And did the math with creased brow & puzzled finger
This is the reason,
Strength of spirit steering 5 year old frame, a life lesson to us all.

I forget that not everyone makes their families this way,
Holding the stories of others as trees seep and branches fall, leaves lost.
And like Otis whistled out his melodies
Why wouldn’t you?
Why wouldn’t YOU.

My mother love is raw & true
Cos ‘IT’ couldn’t be more natural, thanks.