Earearby ojo29 Nov 2013

Words find something else in me,
They cast their line & draw something deep
From that little cave at the side of xiphoid,
Where I placed a candle to bring light to 5 year old self
Sat on oversized throne swinging legs to heartbeat,
Waiting all this time to play.

Now the candle burns wick up to words & alchemy ignites,
Make me all wide-superhero-laser-eyed.
And rainbow serpent that shamanic drum stirred
Now draws a straight line between heart & mind's eye.
I want to dive deeper, hold breath longer & find the brick in the sea of letters.
My chest rises full of images & beats holding hands with words.
I feel her dancing in her den.

And somehow this feels like this was his plan all along,
Like a pied piper leaving musical clues,
Gently nudging me to my own jazz so I can let go of Mingus, Dolphy & Coltrane,
To dance in my own frame.
He was a patient man.

Jo Hall 2013