Threads of the Dao Make Wonder

Earearby ojo12 Jan 2014

If I had not been ill
And duvet had not refuged me on hill,

If radio had not held my ear
And Lemn had not thrown the gauntlet near,

If I had not unfurled to type
And curiosity had not ignored my social media gripe,

If I had not reheard her softly snore
And never found words she could not bring to fore,

If web had not mapped me from A to B to find E
And on Sunday I did not walk to chapel to hear Hollie,

If I had not picked up a pen
And my alphabet had not been learnt again,

If I had not dug courage deep to post
And my words had not been laid bare to my host,

If I had never met he
And after 20 years he did not love me,

If I had not raved on about the poet
And that photo he had never thought to show it,

If he had not overstepped my comfort zone
And my expression had never been shown,

If he did not have generous heart
And his direction had not pierced me like a dart,

If I had not absorbed his truth
I might never have found this,