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Obvious nod to Michael Rosen in the title. A firm family favourite.

We're Going on a Night Hunt

Earearby ojo17 Jan 2014

Kids, Winter's night is taking us for a walk!
Flurried in excitement, my explorers don't balk.
Staffs clenched, wellies, warmies on, no torches allowed.
They take the lead, tall in confidence and proud.
Leave the village lights to standby mode,
Rising above the amber strobe of the road.
Take searching steps through an indigo curtain
Into the seep, going deep that's for certain.
Our walking sticks, our eyes and ears
In this unfamiliar landscape we have known for years.
Five year old shepherd full of stories to comfort his flock,
Christmas tree lit dog running amok.
The sky is soft up here and takes us under its embrace,
Reintroduces us to each other, light of heart and glowing in face.
We chart a map, redrawn in sound,
The rustles and squelches and stumbles we found.
Unlike Summer air that carries conversations of bats & birds alike,
It's human interruptions that chime through this warm Winter night.
Chop of turbine, the helicopter that dropped us in,
Foot song as we dance with dark mud and rock in a spin,
Guiding hand of bracken scratching against coats,
The chitter of excited children upon which I dote.
It's joyful this hour, it feels like we're on holiday,
All squabbling and mis-cueing are many worlds away.
Up here, in our own small, pillowed land,
What a simple revelation Dad, relax into my hand.