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A bit on a maze.


Pz-avatarby Tim Campbell04 Jul 2017

Where has my brain gone today?
I feel it slipped and dropped from its place
I'm wandering from space to space
I wonder why I am in this place
If I can escape to the place I'm going to
I keep pondering why do it at all
Can I make it away
I feel stuck in thought
A quicksand pulling me down further into my thoughts
The illuminating lights dancing above head
Give me light to see
I am curious
to what I'll be
What places I will be
Stuck in
My arms reach for the other option out
I reach further still
My feet are still
Yet I reach
That my art will be the branch
Of my ascending
Up the mountain
Up and over the hill
To the peak
And then what will be left for arms to reach
What would it matter?
If I reached
My mountain
I am lost trying to find that branch
to pull me up
Somewhere to put my feet
Still I reach