The waking

Pz-avatarby Tim Campbell16 Jul 2017

In the morning
I read Li young lee
I like his child like wonderment
how he embodies the thoughts of being alien
perplexed by the comings and goings of human beings
just as i am stunned by their activities
i feel kismet between he and i
I like reading Nietzsche
he makes me feel lucidity
between flashes of sanity
clarity of my mind
i wonder if i have always been this way
thought this way
my foot steps always lead me here
and i read eternal reoccurrence and I'm satiated with thinking of thinking
I like being silly because my head is heavy
an anvil chained around my skull
it weighs me down and i look at the floor
i see all the foot steps of people
i wonder if i look like them and walk just the same
i wonder what they look at me and see
a man with an anvil chained to his head
In the afternoon i elevate consciousness to watch down from the clouds
i transcend on the mountain top
i can see how all the actors play their roles
i see myself and giggle and chuckle from my core
i nap and dream
to turn it all off
shut it down to refresh from thinking and thinking
my slumber takes me hand in hand with desires and sought after dreams
i fight and solider on and on
i live fantastical romances with a woman i love
i fly between fir tress above grassy fields
then i wake and see my hardened clay feet
In the evening I like to listen to music
loud guitars make me feel anger and rage
i dream of what id do in their face
what harm id inflict and exercise my animalistic tendencies
it carries on until I'm done
when i sleep i giggle and is sillies
i dream of nothing sometimes
just black and then the waking