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A poem about refuting control

Hollow Rubber Band

Pz-avatarby Tim Campbell16 Jul 2017

I don't like people all that much
they usually make me mad
they tell me how to live and when to be docile and obedient
it is anger
they create
in flows up my veins
protruded up on my forearms as i clench my fist
i am their work
their project to repair and fix
i rebuke their corrective measure and counsel
i know do not know what will happen tomorrow or today
i cannot deiced my fate from others
i am emboldened by my anti this or that
i am encouraged by their attempts
normalcy is a disease i will not catch
i am not enthralled by their successes
i do not know how to tell them
i am the enduring leather from the blade
they slice and cut and trim and shear
there is a mess on the floor that is left
a pile of rubble and i am is whats left
the trouble is it all grows back
their work is like the hollow rubber band that always snaps back
no matter how far you push and pull
i always come back
right at you