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A piece on when I first open a new notebook for poetry

Electricity bouncing off the walls

Pz-avatarby Tim Campbell24 Jul 2014

I saw its beauty
Leather bound and wrapped
The wooden knob
Pulled tight against
Its skin
The tree covering the cover
Engraved roots and branches large
Intertwining in each other
I can feel the indentations in the leather cover
I open it
I can feel its pages sticking together
Like a boy grabbing onto its mother before it leaves the nest
They part
And the page is crisp and pure
My palm drapes down its surface
I christened it with precious words
I have chosen intentions of adoration to its wonder
Its mystifying nature
That leaves me outside of time
When I indulge in her whims
Seduced by her
Into long evenings of timeless electricity bouncing off the walls and back again