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Selected in Brighton and Hove Poetry Competition 2014 from 600 entrees.


Dsc00021by Jonquil Cooper03 Apr 2014

There is nothing much
I can say that hasn’t
already been said
or done
or whatever,
the skies are changing
buses are diverting
rain is on hold somewhere,
Planets birth inside and
outside the sea is churning.
You might laugh,
or you might crumble,
die and be forgotten
or lay immortal in stars
thrown from other galaxies
strewn on paths for
beggars to do their weeping.
Tangles in blue
refrain from making
answers for gospels of
If I were you,
if you were me,
if ice cream were poodles
or chocolate pebbles
on waffles would
you dare?
Would you care?
There are gates
to some left open
and others closed.
If you had a chance
to ride the skies
would you give it up
for a second?
Sparkles might glisten,
you might whistle,
fish swim,
don’t bother explaining,
Zebras paint rainbows.