Writing a Dissertation Literature Review

Pz-avatarby JoshTurner08 Aug 2019

Getting a PhD degree is an honor for every student. However, it is only possible if a writer manages to write a high quality dissertation. Some students think that choosing a good topic is the most important step in the process of dissertation writing, while the others pay more attention to methodology used in the paper. However, it should be noted that one of the most important parts of a dissertations is a literature review of a dissertation. Writing a dissertation literature review should be paid a close attention to, as it may determine the success of the whole writing process.

In order to prove a validity of your research, you must be able to support it with numerous outside sources and research works. The main concept and function of a literature review is to find the sources that correspond to the topic of the research, outline the most relevant information published in them, combine it together, and make a connection to the theory and concepts described in your dissertation.
Tips on Literature Review for a Dissertation Writing

If you want to know how to dissertation literature review for a dissertation, the following information is for you. Every person can write a literature review. However, it is necessary to understand the difference between an ordinary and outstanding literature review. The following tips for writing a dissertation literature review will shed light on this issue.

After you have chosen the topic for your dissertation, you should start working on literature review section. In such way, you will be able to understand whether you can find enough materials to support your research properly or not.

You can start literature review with explanation of why you have chosen a particular topic of your research. Moreover, you should support your statements with information from reliable scholarly sources to show the importance of the research.

The main body of the review should present different theories that support your work and are relevant to the chosen topic of your paper. At this stage, you should be careful with presenting theories that may be too old and irrelevant. If you are stating that some theories are important for the research, you should also indicate why the older theories are inadequate and cannot be used anymore.

After you have proven that your ideas are valid and relevant, you can support them with scholarly evidences. A person composing a dissertation literature review may face problems with finding information to support a particular thought. For this reason, it is important to do a deep research work and look for any links that support your view even slightly.