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An early sestina.


203461_1043105893_7925013_n_biggerby Joshua Converse10 Aug 2013

That little tsk,
You make with your mouth,
Is really a long, truncated speech,
That illustrates point for point,
Everything I’ve done wrong,
Like a list you’ve been keeping for as long as we’ve been in love.

Annoyed as you are that I forgot to rinse the dish, my love,
I can see the air harden with that soft tsk,
And I know that I am wrong,
Even if I’m in the next room I can hear the hardening little frown on the corner of your mouth,
And, of course, if I think I can make you see my point,
You’ll forget the power of speech.

Even if I went into my own speech,
Therapeutically informed and full of love,
There would be no point,
Because tsk,
Has come out of your mouth,
The specter of old arguments makes me wrong.

And yet I love your tsk,
You aren’t wrong to forego a speech,
I see your point and kiss the melting frown of your mouth.