A Response to Charles Bukowski’s “so you want to be a writer?”

203461_1043105893_7925013_n_biggerby Joshua Converse05 Jul 2013

If you ever wondered if you could,
Write it.
If you ever liked to play with the words on the page,
Just to see what it looked like,
Or spoke them out because
You wanted to hear the sound of them,

If you tinkered and bled and sweat,
Trying to find the words,
Just a few words,
Write them down,
Write them out,
Write them.

No matter how long it takes you,
Even if you started at 3,
Or at 45,
Write it out.
Send it off.

It doesn’t matter what the experts say,
Your teachers,
Your friends,
Write what you want to write,
Say what’s in you to say,
Bang out the message until the ribbon breaks.