Love Increaseth

203461_1043105893_7925013_n_biggerby Joshua Converse05 Jul 2013

Listen, it’s not like what they tell you,
Love increases gravity
Holds you down to night shifts
at all day diners,
Compresses paychecks into mortgage payments, baby shoes,
Throws appointments like thick ropes over your day,
named Little League,
Date Night,
Sunday Dinner:
Sends you staggering and
bleary-eyed into the living room
Christmas Day
and keeps you scared vertical until you know
Your beloved ones are safe.

You know, you could be
Cresting the hill that reveals, at last,
the splendor of Machu Picchu, or
Lounging lazy at the last empty beach on the
Far side of nowhere, you could
be accepting an award for
your novel (finally finished!)
Like Abraham
you would have to sacrifice your love
at the altar of these
distant dreams.

O Abraham,
Stay your hand!