God-Haunted World

203461_1043105893_7925013_n_biggerby Joshua Converse05 Jul 2013

You might encounter Greek gods anywhere (as I have),
On the beach, or drunk and sprawled on the college lawn,
And they might engage you in conversation- recite you a poem,
If you know the right names,
In fact, they might even kiss you,
curse you,
might fight you,
might introduce you to Atropos-
(she’ll clip your string for you)
and Olympus help you if you’re guilty
and the Kindly Ones know your name.

But the Norse gods you encounter invariably
In bars.

The dangerous ones are not the ones who boast,
Because they probably won’t do anything
If they won’t be able to boast about it later.
The ones to watch are the ones who know
-they’ll never make it through Ragnarok
And they have no greater destiny
Than drinking in the mead-hall,
Cracking skulls with thick-bitten axes and
waiting for the bloody