Christmas - Incarnation

Readingby Josyf Hayda10 Dec 2015

christians think
God became human to know
what a skinned knee’s like.
to receive the thump of motherlove.
how it feels
to have your heart broken by a woman’s silence,
her cheek turned petulantly away.

and they’re relieved to know
his bloodline is littered
with prostitutes, murderers and thieves;
that he might have had
a nosy aunt like theirs
and a drunk uncle who blew
his paycheck at the track
on nothin’ but trouble in the fifth race.

they’ll tell you
that he saw children,
blameless and pure,
as the real wisdom;
was rejected and jeered
as he loved and forgave his way
across the desert.
that he died, like everybody else.

20 DEC 14