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Harbour lights fade as does life as we float gently into the night.


Pz-avatarby JOHN SMALLSHAW29 Jul 2013

Silence crashes to the ground,
the sounds of sirens wail among the myriad of sales in windows and displays that displace my peace.

As the sand turns into glass I pass a glancing peek at my reflection,imperfections look at me and I in turn,turn to the sea.
Always the sea,
the cooling in the burning of the heart in me.

The flashing blue lights also crash into another ground and all around me,
deep inside me,underneath and running through me is the sea.

A freedom from the cares and worries,a sea that never hurries me,but relishes in me being free
and thus I swim until I'm far away and lay upon my back,kicking legs and holding out my arms as if in supplication
If the question should arise,
will I drown out here,miles away from anywhere?
I don't care it doesn't bother me,nor the sea which holds in the deep,my body,soul and life to keep
and should I wish to sleep it rocks me,gently,tenderly in its waves and saves me 'til the morning comes and sunlight runs across my face.

The interwoven lace of all there ever and will be forever is trapped and never leaves this person that is me
In the sea I see this clearly
nearly at that moment of enlightenment
I float contentedly ,contented in the sea
and this is where you'll find me
should you care to look.