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Inspired by a writing prompt to describe jealousy as it presents itself for me.

Green-Eyed Monster

El_cid_1by James D. Sanders25 May 2014

It’s in moments like these that you reaffirm your existence,
And for that I despise you.
Slithering your way through the crevices of my reality,
Menacing jade eyes piercing through a forgotten darkness,
No longer thought to exist.

You see, I’d managed to make myself believe
That you had actually ceased to be,
And that your objective reality was now gone.
Just like a whisper carried by the wind
With the past version of myself into history.

By your design you are a beautiful monster…

A deceitful beast with the inept ability to disappear,
Under the guise of having been overcome by one such as I,
Willingly concealed deep down inside
All the while with those same menacing jade eyes
Peering from inside the unknown of my subconscious mind.

And in the moment in which I present an unknown vulnerability,
From a self-induced dormancy in darkness you emerge.
The now iridescent glow of those jade eyes on the verge
Of piercing the soft shell of weakness, forcing me to relinquish my false control,
And with a level of unwanted admiration I am left to behold your perfection.

And by my admission, you are indeed a beautiful monster