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Published on Jun 8, 2013
A short poem about a young man dealing with the pressure of retaliating over a friends death. Part Two To "MY CITY"
Spoken Word By: Jahi Trotter

Virtuous mind. January 13, 2012 Look into the eyes of a virtuous mind in a unvirtuous time, Trying so hard not to be left behind. His heart is intact, But his mind can't seem to face the facts. The world is not what he invisioned, Heart so trapped it feels like he is in prison. So now that he sees this he takes the lessons he learned from deceitful men, But feels like he has no other alternative because they killed his best friend in this land of sin. Shackled in his own chains, Much wiser than others in the brain, It almost makes him feel insane. Want to change the world but cant do it by himself, Needs somebody else to step up or get sum divinely help. But the help ain't there, So he walks around like he dont care, Knowing damn well that life aint fair, And this attitude that he has won't help his people get there. So now that he sees this breaking the barriers set in front of him is his mission to redifine time, Getting into his own lane and not everybody elses line, At this very moment with life and death in his hands,searching for a way to make his soul divine, Its just a virtuous mind in a unvirtuous time. ..J.Trotter..

Befunky_ambition.jpgby Jahi Trotter13 Mar 2014