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A Poem About Love

What Is Love?

Befunky_ambition.jpgby Jahi Trotter17 Mar 2014

Love to me is something that can't be bought,
Love to me is when you go as far as you can for others no matter the cost.
See love is not just about romance or walking down the aisle,
Love can be helping the misfortunate or bringing a smile to a child.
It can bring fullfillment from both physical and emotional pleasure,
Having you soaring higher than you could possibly even measure.
But love can be distorted in so many ways,
Because sometimes the pain of love makes us forget who should really be praised.
Man life is a journey, from season to season,
And even though its F'd up, people change on you for no reason.
Sometimes love can be used as someone rise to fame,
Sometimes love can be used as someones twisted and silly game,
Don't let another person misguided actions change you,
If you believe you are only human and make mistakes, than how the hell do you expect another human being to save you.
Be satisfied with thy self before you reach out to that boy or girl,
Because when it comes to another person love can be the trickest thing in the world.
And as far as love at first sight?
Well that may just be for a chosen few,
But the main thing to realize is that when it comes to love its not just about you.
True love is not just telling, but showing that person you have their back even when it is against the odds,
What Is Love?
I say love is GOD.