How to determine the professional vocation according to the types of intelligence

Justinaby Justina22 May 2020

According to Justina Stevenson, a person who wrote this MyAdmissionEssay review, the best way to make the right choice in university studies is to follow the Theory of Multiple Intelligences.

The winner of the Prince of Asturias Award for the Social Arts, Howard Gardnet, is the creator of the Theory of Multiple Intelligences, which has become so popular in recent years, as it aims to enhance the individual skills of each person and then apply them in the professional field.

According to the researcher, each individual has one or several talents that, developed under the correct perspective of their personal abilities, will guide them towards the professional choice that best satisfies them, thus allowing them to reach the optimum degree of motivation during their working life.

Linguistic-Verbal Intelligence

Those who stand out in this area have a special facility for the use of language. In general, they use both hemispheres of the brain and are characterized by their ability to speak and write. They can enhance their skills by attending discussion workshops or participating in book clubs. Politics and communication are the professional sectors that offer them the most outlets.

Logical-mathematical intelligence

These people are comfortable solving abstract problems and playing computer games. Professions related to Mathematics and Science are perfect for them but strangely enough, so is Philosophy.

Spatial Intelligence

The right side of the brain is the most active for people who have a three-dimensional mental scheme. They tend to be very creative and feel comfortable developing tasks related to Fine Arts, Architecture, Photography and Advertising.

Musical Intelligence

They stand out for their ability to identify sounds and for the way they handle their voice. At the same time, they tend to have the ability to play instruments and interpret musical notes. They will succeed if they direct their steps towards music and dance.

Kinaesthetic-Body Intelligence

They are characterized by their special ability to express themselves through the body. Strength, balance and coordination are just some of the features presented by those who direct their professional life towards sports, dance and even the performing arts.

Intrapersonal intelligence

They are people with an amazing ability to know themselves and therefore, to identify their weaknesses and what they excel at. In general, they develop their professional career in private companies.

Interpersonal intelligence

What they're best at is relationships with others. They have a lot of empathy and are able to anticipate the demands or intentions of those around them. They are usually good psychologists and educators.

Naturalistic intelligence

It's the last of the bits of intelligence established by Howard Gardnet. According to the expert, those who possess it to have the ability to perceive every detail of the scenario in which they find themselves. As one might expect, biologists, geographers, and archaeologists all fit into this category.