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This poem represents how I feel having mental disorder.

Being Bipolar

Pz-avatarby Anonymous08 Nov 2019

Being Bipolar
Has brought me shame
With a range of emotions, I cannot tame
Sometimes I hate myself
Other times I'm vain
Being bipolar drives me insane

Sometimes I'm happy
Sometimes I'm sad
Sometimes I feel like I'm going mad
But once you conquer your feelings
And control your despair
Being bipolar
Could be a sweet dream and nightmare

Mood to Mood
No kind of order
My life is in total disorder
I don't know if I can take this any longer
Holding on to this pain, just makes me a hoarder
Suicidal thoughts linger on my mind
Can someone please tell me, I'm gonna be fine?

At nights when I'm lonely
I always sit and wonder
Why do I have to face this monster?
A series of emotions
I cannot explain
Leaves me scarred as I am no longer the same

Maybe it's an illusion
So I hide in a blanket of seclusion
I bring my family so much confusion
That I don't think I can handle their intrusion

What can I say?
A million masks a day
Does not feel okay
I try to seek help in every way
Oh, why can't this emotional pain go away

I'm tired and stressed
I admit I'm depressed
Wish I could be normal
But I'm a delusional mess

For this pain
I cannot explain
As it merely affects my brain
Something which was once a distant thought
Is now a recurring nightmare
One in which I gravely fear

At nights I scream to no avail
As there is no one to cure my pain
Help me! Please
My mental health is at stake
Can someone save me?
For God's sake!