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What if we discovered
Love was built on a motherboard?

Love Works

Pz-avatarby K.Usher03 Oct 2013

What if we discovered
Love was built on a motherboard
That the warm embrace of your child's sweet face
Was just binary signals we interpret at haste?
What if we find
Love is just chemicals combined
So that the feeling you miss of that lingering kiss
We can create inside a Petri dish?

Would that lessen the magic?
Would it snuff out the flame?
Would it ruin the wonder?
Or would it be just the same...

We know that love makes us tick
Starved from it: we grow sick
We know it's our feed, it's a human need
It helps bond us together and successfully bread.
So however we got it, this emotion called love;
Evolved through nessesity or given from above.
No matter how mechanical it turns out to be
No matter how love *works* exactly.
Love works.