If You Want It Come And Get It

Pz-avatarby Robert Niebuhr05 Nov 2015

As the maid sits upon her crimson cloak

She watches and listens with fascination

She hears my song

And coquettishly speaks not

I speak of love

In a tone which she has not known

In a manner yet to be transcribed by poets

It’s hue is bluer than the clearest sky

A depth that is limitless

She asks why do you persevere

My reply is simple yet direct

Love is not mysterious

It is overpowering

It is not to be denied

For it consumes you completely

Again I profess my love for and ask

And you?

Others waste what could be a life long opportunity

Their wants are only for the moment

She hears me say

If you want it come and get it

The maid rises

Comes to me

And stands by my side