“I Am Not Afraid”

Pz-avatarby Robert Niebuhr24 Nov 2015

Why is it that idiots and locusts

Have so much in common


Tomorrow does not exist

Therefore all they do is consume

They think not

Of what lays behind them

Reminds one of the Government

And the cup cakes

That frolic on the Potomac

Those who pay the freight

Know all too well

Who and what has caused the racial divide

The litany of lies

The promises that were never kept

When will it ever stop

The refusal to secure our borders

Has seen disease and criminality

Run amuck over the land

For what reason

Do we welcome migrants

That will not assimilate

Who openly express


Toward their benefactors

The people

And the institutions of

The United States

You say that

“You are not afraid”

Of an influx of refugees

Why should you be

When you are safeguarded

By a bevy of American Patriots

Who would give their lives

To ensure your safety


When I say that the people

Know what is going on

And change will come