Pz-avatarby Robert Niebuhr04 Apr 2016

A sign boldly proclaims

Black Lives Matter

A jurist opines

Except when a black person murders another black person

How sad

A nine year old boy

Is gunned down

Never to see tomorrow

Or the tomorrows to come

Never to realize his potential

We cry for him

The little girl

Three years old

Her life ended

By a thug

But for her family

Who cries for her

Two seniors are wounded

Will they survive

To see the treasures

Of their lives

Enough is enough

The community and the Religious

Must band together

To recreate the Black family unit

A husband and wife

With their children

All standing in a ring of fire

Children showered with love

As their parents watch them succeed

It is said that He is Risen

If that is true

Then all must extend their hand

To help those

Who need our help

Do not forget

All Lives Matter

Your’s included