Faces In The Trees

Pz-avatarby Robert Niebuhr25 Nov 2016

How often have my pets and I

Have walked the paths

That are behind my house

Dogs eating leaves and inhaling the many scents

Not one or two

But hundreds

Until that one day

When I saw the wind tossed leaves create large openings

And I saw the outline of faces

Of what appears to be a human form

With neither skin color,hair, eyes, nose, mouth or ears

It makes me wonder

Are they dead

Is this what is to come

Countless numbers

Is this what it is to become

Of America

Or to the World

Again I ask myself

Is America’s star fading

I wonder if a jackass professional football player

Ever studied the history of

Native Americans, Colonists, and African slaves

Easier for one

But harder for the others

Did you study the war of 1812

If we had ventured off the land

The English would have had us for lunch

Football player

Tell me what the English

Did with the slaves they confiscated

Since they were slave traders

Could they have sold them

England did not abolish slavery totally until 1840

Yes Francis Scott Key owned slaves

When he wrote the document that contained

The Star Spangled Banner

For your information

It is the first paragraph in that historical document

Yes Africans had a terribly hard time

More so than anyone else

A Civil War did not end the hurts

The restrictions were abominable

Until a new voice was heard

Do you know him

Over 50 years have passed

Since Martin Luther King told Black Americans

To get an education

Get a job

But the most important part of his thesis

Is seldom recalled

“When two Children of different races play together

There will be no hatred

Just a friendship that will last an eternity”

Look around it is already happening

Those who who refuse to be law abiding

Shall be some of the faces that I saw in the trees

Ask yourself what has been done to help African Americans

Besides getting a hand full of beans

I’d say not much

Not much for their loyalty

Although I fear the future

I say to all

Reach out to others with palm outstretched

An quietly say

I am an American

Just like you