Shall We Dance

Pz-avatarby Robert Niebuhr19 Jan 2014

My cabin sits on the west bank of Lake Woebegone

Dawn comes early

The woods awaken

A mist lies upon the water

From all points of the compass Loons cry

The gathering that had been foretold has begun

As the sun rises, from the mist, shapes of souls form

They are those of men and women

Who no longer walk the earth

They are counted and separated

There are those who chose to change

And those who did not

Those that changed await their flight into the blue

To bring the message and their seed to the cosmos

Those who did not danced upon the water

Writhing like snakes

As the sun rises it draws them into the void

Some cry and beg for another chance

But it is too late

They have denied and were indifferent to the truth

That when their eye saw man’s enmity toward another man

And they looked away

When they heard a child, a wife or mother cry

And they choose not to listen

What their hand has touched and they were not touched

When they tasted the bitterness of hatred

And said that it was like

The sweetness of a spring rain

That the odor of a needless death

Was like the fragrance of a rose

As they have willingly closed their mind and heart to these senses

When they really knew what was true

They have condemned themselves for all of eternity

What of us

Will we learn?

Or will we dance upon the water?