Pz-avatarby Robert Niebuhr19 Jan 2014

A Master is at work

The road that stretches from Hereford to Elkton

Is not that long

About the length of my arm

It twists and turns from my fingertips to my shoulder

As I drive

The colors that I see can only come from an artist’s palate

An endless cornucopia of yellows, reds and oranges

One more vibrant and majestic than the other

I feel that this cloak of color that I wear

Is created by a Master

For all to see and to heed

Will it be a new awakening and thus greatness

Or shall it be condemnation and then dust

Time knows but we can only guess

Perhaps if we look in the mirror

And after quantifying what we have seen

We shall know what must be done

Those that do not meet the challenge

Shall like leaves

Wither and fall

To become dust