Against You

Kjkjkjby Katy Stash20 Jul 2013

I was 8 years old
Tryin' to figure out what's goin' on
I was forced to love somebody I didn't know
After 9 years I'm flooded with hate
Blaming you for what you've done to me
I was just a child
You never thought that all this will turn against you
How could you hate a girl that wanted happiness
Instead of that you gave me sadness
I was replacing you
With all the faces I knew
I was like a mirror
The reflection of your past
So you couldn't bare
To see yourself
I didn't want you to be a part of my life
You loved that bottle of wine more than your own life
I know I've screw it up more than once
But I deserve a second chance
I've built my own protection
With so much precision
I've put a fance between me and your hate
So I can't get hurt
Everytime when you'll try to hit me with your words
I'll pretend I didn't hear because it hurts
To know you'll always be there
Counting the steps I take
Every breathe I take