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The obssessed grieves over the loss of the admired , battling over a mix of emotions as the memories run on a tape.


Kaveri_1by Kaveri Arunachalam01 Jun 2020

That dream bounces back every night,
A familiar face, it reflects.
the curtains twirl behind,
light passing through those doors,
overwhelmed by those gleaming eyes.

Soul stood still
memories run on a tape,
gently from hate to the shades of admiration,
moving deeper into the darker shades of pain,
burning under my skin.

The emotions run at war,
the heart and the mind battles,
one against and for,
the person who is admired.

Why do I crave him?
my ego interrupts
As my gut pushes me forward to feel him,
the fear of loss flushes,
I’m a step aback.

Every end repeats
The day begins.
it’s no longer dark and
the curtains twirl the same

darker on the inside,
the admired isn’t here anymore,
along with the light that passes through the doors,
the tears of the obsessed, flows.