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Words, as transient as snowflakes, can be very powerful.

Snow and Stones

Yacht_at_mooring_wood_blockby athena kathy19 Dec 2018

The brittle winter night defers to snow.
Straight lines turn to curves
And stars to blurs
It lays till dawn
And nothing murmurs,
Nothing stirs.

Words are like snowflakes:
Hardly formed,
They melt away.
Ephemeral, impermanent,
Some make their mark,
Somewhere in the mind’s own firmament
Ignite a vital spark
A lode-star
In a web of firing of neurons
Which make a pathway through the dark.

But others -
Sharp retorts
Unkind remarks
Polite non-sequiturs
Veiled threats
False reports
Promises which come to nought...
They take on the
Hardness of stones.

They will never go away.

They lie around like bones.