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This is a poem for a second birthday. I was choosing a birthday present for Jack; some were labelled 2+ years, some 3+. It occurred to me that numbers were complicated concepts, even (in the non-mathematical sense) small ones like the first three.

On Being 2

Yacht_at_mooring_wood_blockby athena kathy02 Aug 2019

Someone told me you’ll be 2.
At 2 there’s lots of things to do
It’s a big step up from being 1
As 1 is just 1 more than none,
And none is when you’ve just begun
So once you’re 2, then 1 is done.
At 2 there’s new things you can do:
Paddle in a blue canoe,
Learn to hop or do kung-fu,
Eat spaghetti, climb a tree
And before you know it, you will be
2 add 1 (which equals 3).