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How do words shape our world? Do things without names even exist? How did words evolve?

The Name Giver

Yacht_at_mooring_wood_blockby athena kathy06 Feb 2014

At one year old
The fuzzy world
Begins to coalesce.
What is that? you want to ask
But of course
You have no words.
Instead, you point,
And I tell you the names.
Sky, tree, grass.
Earth, sea, sand.
Good old English words,
Fashioned from the need to have them.
They separate
And the universe forms around you
Piece by piece –
Sea and sand
Sky and rain.
Words chop the whole into parts
And, slowly, I hand on to you the order of things,
A nomenclature of terms
To sort and classify
Into heading and sub-heading,
Species and sub-species.
By class, field, relationship and characteristic
You will bring the world to order.
You will learn names for all things -
Things you can see
And things you cannot see.
And one day you will learn
That there are things for which no names apply.

Until then, I am the name-giver.

I am the Giver of Names.