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III went through an EF- 5 tornado that put me into a 6 month coma. I wrote this while fearing the fear of returning to that coma state of mind without being able to escape the grasp of unconsciousness where you know you exist & are alive but trapped in a drug limbo. The poem closes with a glimmer of hope.

When I Sleep

Imageby Keith D. Sutton21 Nov 2013

the endless slumber
when nothing seems
so deep
as a moment
that's encumbered
by my thoughts
inescapably entwined
and defined in loss.

I fear the deep
release of sleep
lest it enslave me
grasp mind soul
thoughts my body
chained where no
morning rises or
night descends.

Yet I descend
like a reckless sailor
tethered in port
lost in time
with wanton lusts

until the sea
with its slowly
bobbing waves
then down
so calm
once again
to set me free.