Fighting time

1357612820_4571871974851_488606378_nby Riak Majok11 Feb 2014

Tick tock, tick tock
That’s the sound of my clock
A hasty reminder that ill lived
Moments lost in time can’t be rewind
As the clock ticks away by the second
Minutes pass the clock and leave their mark
At time moving too swiftly for
One to take a moment to ponder
Will I meet my goals by the hour?
Or will I be met by failure I wonder
Have I done enough to affect
Any significant change tomorrow
Will my rights out do my wrongs
And my joys out so my sorrow
As I fight time to leave my mark
I only hope that my efforts during my time
Here inspire even the smallest spark
In the lives of those that time is yet to touch

Riak “Killa Don” Majok
Copyright 2014